Who we serve

The women who come to Marian House are all homeless, and all struggling with addiction to either drugs or alcohol. The majority, 70% are ex-offenders, with 61% having felony charges on their records. Often women come to us directly from referral from the prison system or inpatient drug treatment program. Chronic Mental Illnesses are diagnosed in 40% of the women at Marian House, while 46% have experienced histories of domestic violence and 52% have been sexually abused or assaulted in their lives.

Due to the tragic histories of the women who come to Marian House, we see ourselves as a program that is focused on addiction, re-entry services and support, and trauma informed mental health care.

Women are referred from agencies and institutions throughout Maryland and beyond. The ideal candidate will be homeless, physically and emotionally employable, free from drugs and alcohol at time of admission, and motivated to work toward independence.

Intake Process

Our intake procedure consists of a telephone referral made by an advocate (case manager, lawyer, social worker, therapist, etc.) on behalf of the women. These advocates refer women that they feel would best fit into the community and be able to achieve some success in moving toward independence during their brief stay at Marian House. A series of interviews, which takes 2–3 weeks, follows the referral. If a woman is accepted, she usually has to be placed on a waiting list for the next available bed.


To make a referral to Marian House please contact the Intake Coordinator by calling our program center at 410-467-4121.