Alumnae Services

Upon exit from the residential component of the Marian House Program, women are in dire need of a host of support services if they are to become productive and independent citizens. Ongoing support services are critical to combat recidivism. The Alumnae Coordinator brings the presence of Marian House to the women in their homes through occasional house visits and lunchtime chats. Staff members send birthday greetings and notes of encouragement, and respond when women relapse. Regular fellowship gatherings of former residents foster peer support. Continuing educational opportunities, especially those leading to the acquisition of a high school diploma, continued career counseling and employment referrals are essential components of the aftercare program. Women have begun to realize improvements in their earnings potential and job status. The Alumnae Coordinator assists individuals with financial matters such as debt reduction, credit repair, financial planning, and income tax preparation. These aftercare services through Marian House are directly associated with overall stability in housing and improved quality of life for formerly homeless women, and often single heads of household and their children.

Monthly Alumnae Events:

  • Alumnae meet in Serenity Place on the 4th Thursday of every month at 6p.m.
  • Alumnae are invited to join Marian House I Residents for dinner on the 2nd Thursday of every month for a night of mentoring and networking. Must RSVP ONE MONTH in advance to Ms. Bert Mitchell in order to attend.


No upcoming events at this time.

For more information about our Alumnae Services and/or the monthly meeting, please contact:

Bert Mitchell
Alumnae Coordinator