Addiction Treatment

Ordinarily, residents are in recovery from long-term chemical addiction. Marian House understands this and works in partnership with Baltimore Community Resource Center to provide intensive counseling on topics including recovery and sobriety.

Each resident undergoes random and weekly drug screening. If staff members have reason to suspect that a woman has relapsed, the resident will be asked to submit to a drug test. All samples are sent to a licensed laboratory for analysis.

Each woman’s assigned counselor monitors her participation in prescribed outpatient substance abuse treatment, aftercare and support groups. Residents work with the clinical staff to set timelines for commitment to a “home group” and obtaining a sponsor in line with accepted 12-step program practices.

Marian House also provides a weekly comprehensive addiction education group for all incoming residents. Participants receive at least twenty-one hours of addiction education. Topics include: the disease model of addiction; early recovery, which includes stages of change and Steps One, Two, and Three; and a dual diagnosis segment that includes trauma symptoms and etiology. Also included is a three-week segment on the process of relapse and the tools for relapse prevention. The open group cycle concludes with a segment on spirituality.