Employment ServicesThe workforce development services of Marian House are very comprehensive. In the first month after entering Marian House, residents meet with the Employment Coordinator once a week to follow the necessary steps to obtain a birth certificate, state identification and social security card. The coordinator reviews each woman's work history and does an assessment of her skills. She and the resident map out both short and long-term employment goals. The coordinator helps the resident with pre-employment activities that include resume writing, contacting potential employers, and preparing for an interview. She involves them in training workshops that can improve their readiness for work and arranges for them to attend job fairs, and similar employment related events.

To further address the needs of Marian House women, the Employment Coordinator also initiates and maintains relationships with potential employers, especially organizations willing to employ ex-offenders. We attempt to establish employment partners with whom we have on-going communications and placement opportunities for our residents. We also work in partnership with Suited to Succeed, a non-profit organization providing donated business attire for disadvantaged women seeking employment.

Once a resident has secured a job, she continues to meet weekly with the Employment Coordinator to discuss the dynamics of her particular workplace, her employer's expectations, and various issues that could impact her success in retaining her position. After three months on the job, residents begin to focus on moving beyond entry-level employment and improving their income potential. The goal of Marian House is to help women obtain not just a job, but employment with benefits and career potential to sustain their independence.

The Employment Coordinator is heavily involved with all residents of Marian House I, and upon establishing employment, residents often graduate from level I of the program. Marian House II residents and those in permanent housing are allowed to access the Employment Coordinator as needed.

Employment Partners

  • Marriott-Renaissance Harbor Place
  • The Downtown Partnership
  • Greater Homewood Community Corporation
  • Johns Hopkins, Union Memorial and Mercy Hospitals
  • Uptown Press
  • College Manor
  • Stella Maris Hospice