Marian House II

Marian House II OutsideAfter completing six to eight months in the Marian House I program and obtaining employment as well as accomplishing other therapeutic goals, women are given the option either to move to the community or to transition to the second phase of our Marian House.

At Marian House II, women continue to live in community settings with other women, in either row homes or at our central Marian House II facility on Old York Road that houses 9 women. They receive support services and continue to work on the goals of Marian House I but with a less structured and more independent living environment. Case Management and crisis intervention services are provided throughout the week. The Case Manager’s office is located at the central facility, and she also travels to visit the Marian House II women who live in the local community row homes. In these environments women continue to be responsible for continuing to maintain their recovery, household chores and establishing savings. Monthly house meetings are held and other workshops and support groups are required. The education and employment services located at the Marian House I program center continue to be available to residents of Marian House II.

Transitional Family Program

Children at Marian HouseIf a Marian House woman is ready to reunite with her children, she may be able to move into the Transitional Family Program located in a tower attached to the Marian House I facility, but with its own separate entrance. In this tower, four three bedroom apartments house four families for a period of up to two years. Transitional Family Program residents have access to all Marian House I support services. This includes individual and family therapy, education and employment assistance. The children living in these units also have access to tutoring and enrichment services as needed. Often, the women chosen to be placed in the family program are initially in Marian House I, and once established in their individual lives and employment, are helped to reunite with their children through placement in this part of the Marian House continuum of services. Also, referrals are taken for openings in the Family Tower from area family shelters. The Family Tower was made possible through the generous support of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation.

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