30 Women, 30 Stories Exhibitions

Marian House Presents:
“30 Women, 30 Stories
Journeys to Recovery and Transformation"

photo of Lesly Baile-Johnson

A traveling exhibition about Marian House alumnae and their remarkable journeys from dependence to independence. The project includes community dialogues on issues affecting the women’s lives and is presented in conjunction with a book and DVD created on the occasion of Marian House’s 30th Anniversary.

For more information on the traveling exhibition or the “30 Women, 30 Stories” please call 410-467-4246 or email events@marianhouse.org.

“30 Women, 30 Stories” - Issue Related Videos
Listen to the women and experts of “30 Women, 30 Stories” talk about addiction, incarceration, homelessness, mental illness, and trauma—issues faced by Marian House women and others like them as they move from dependence to independence. Click here to see the videos.