Trina Selden

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Start Date Marian House: August 26, 2002
End Date Marian House: October 9, 2004

“How do you expect one to be productive if you are putting up all these barriers? Stop building prisons and build rehab or places for the youth to go.”


Family Issues
Trina recalls the troubling family relationships she grew up with, and how she feels that contributed to her difficulties.


Stop Building Prisons
Trina talks about the importance of second chances: the need for rehabilitation rather than incarceration.


Incarceration and Obstacles
Trina expresses a passion for a career path giving back, one difficult to achieve with a prison record.


Out for Justice
Overcoming her own challenges, Trina talks about founding and leading the non-profit organization, Out for Justice, seeking to advocate for ex-offender rights.