Why Marian House

Vision Statement

We are committed to achieving meaningful results in the next decade.

For program graduates, residents and our organization in 2025, Marian House envisions: 

… that nearly all Marian House graduates will live stable, interdependent and self-directed lives and many will be actively connected to a strong alumnae community that offers  sisterhood and  support, and which contributes to learning and growth for current residents.

…that Marian House will continue to be a strong, driving force behind systemic improvements that enable more women and children to move from crisis and transition by accessing the help they need to heal and recover.

…that Marian House will continue to create an environment for women and children, where they learn to maximize their potential, become more stable and secure emotionally, and begin a path toward financial stability.

…that Marian House will be accredited and continue to offer a strong program that sets a standard for services and support for women and children who are homeless.

…that Marian House will continue to have strong leadership and a fully active and engaged Board of Directors that supports its work.

…that Marian House will have a strong, broad network of supporters who contribute to the healing and recovery of women and children and to our organization’s continued success.

Core Operating Values

Ideals That Guide Our Actions

These five core operating values guide the way Marian House wants our residents, our staff, our partners, and the community to experience Marian House - as a compassionate, responsive and effective organization. In addition, through our program we teach these values to our residents and support them in adapting these values to their own lives.

Spiritually Grounded.

We embrace our rich heritage and draw on the charisms of the School Sisters of Notre Dame and the Sisters of Mercy. We are dedicated to the women who seek our assistance, and infuse all of our programs with faith and compassion.

Solutions Focused.

We believe there are ways to address any obstacle that a woman faces in her path to recovery and to a better future. We foster a positive outlook to problem solving among our staff and residents.

Innovative and Fearless.

We seek out and embrace new options for supporting our residents and their success and do not allow uncertainty about the future to stand in the way of program improvement. We also believe that it is important for the women in our program to explore different experiences that stretch their perspective and offer them new opportunities. Within our supportive community women have the opportunity to transform fearfulness into fearlessness.

Love, Care, Patience and Persistence.

We believe in the goodness of all people and approach our work and relationships in ways that cultivate an open heart, inclusiveness, respect and beauty in each individual. We see positive change and growth as a long-term commitment. As long as women in our care have a desire and are making efforts toward positive change their lives, we will continue to persevere with them.

Quality and Integrity. 

We aim for high levels of trust, confidence, satisfaction and results in our programs, our management and our governance. We are guided by the reputation of Marian House as a highly regarded organization in the community.