Our Facilities

Take a tour of our facilities by viewing the slideshows below.


The courtyard situated in the center of the headquarters building offers a gentle, gurgling fountain, green trees, shrubs, flowers and benches for sitting. Four 6 ½ foot tall female caryatids designed and sculpted in marble by Claire McArdle are named after the four values Marian house aims to instill in all of the women we serve: Patience, Honesty, Integrity, and Trust.

Marian House I

As the headquarters building of the organization, this space houses office space for a majority of the staff as well as housing and support services for women throughout the program.

Marian House II

Marian House II allows women to continue to live in community settings with other women striving to achieve similar goals for independent, healthy living, with continued access to supportive services.

Serenity Place

Renovated and opened in 2007, Serenity Place consists of 19 unts of permanent supportive housing, staff offices, and a community room.

Marian House Independence Place

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building at Independence Place was opened in December 2017 after a full renovation that turned the school building into 22 units of permanent supportive housing complete with community spaces, a lobby, and staff offices.