Transitional Housing

MARIAN HOUSE I is the transitional housing and intensive rehabilitation phase which provides comfortable, structured community living at our headquarters on Gorsuch Avenue. Central to this first phase of Marian House are the supportive services we provide, including meals and personal supplies, rehabilitation counseling, life skills training, job readiness, pre-GED and GED education, referrals for medical care, and a savings program to prepare women for independent living. On average, a woman spends nine months to one year at Marian House I. She is then given the opportunity to move into a more independent living environment in the second phase of our program, Marian House II.

MARIAN HOUSE II allows women to continue to live in community settings with other women striving to achieve similar goals for independent, healthy living. In this phase of the program, women continue to receive supportive services such as counseling, case management, education, and employment assistance as they pursue their rehabilitation goals in this more independent living environment.

The TRANSITIONAL FAMILY PROGRAM serves women who are ready and able to reunite with their children. The Family Tower can house four families in four three-bedroom apartments for up to two years. In addition, 10-12 families are housed in shared living environments. Residents of this program have access to all Marian House I supportive services including individual, family and child therapy as well as education and employment assistance. The children living in these units also have access to tutoring and enrichment services as needed. Often, women placed in the family program are initially in Marian House I, but referrals are also taken from family shelters in the community.