Marian House COVID Updates – Internal Only

This page is meant for internal COVID Policies and updates only. As the pandemic evolves to an endemic and continue to present new challenges, we are trying to remain flexible and adjust appropriately.  Resources such as flyers and signage are the bottom of the page.  Please refer to information and links below for the latest updates from Marian House. If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor or Psalms Rojas.

Last updated: 12/5/2022





Mask wearing is optional, but must be respected when requested.


If you are positive for COVID:

  1. Isolate and stay home for 5 days (starting with the day you first presented symptoms; if no symptoms, start 5 day isolation at time of positive test)
  2. If your symptoms have not worsened, you may resume working on-site after 5 days of isolation, but must wear a KN95 or N95 mask your first five days back on-site.


Sick Leave

  1. To the degree that you are able, COVID affected staff who are not able to work in the office, will be allowed to work from home.
      • This needs to be pre-approved with your supervisor.
      • Note that not all staff can do their work remotely and not all requests will be granted.
      • If granted, this will not be counted against your sick time.
  2. If a staff member exhausts her/his medical leave, the staff person will be required to use other personal or vacation leave for time out of the office and not able to work.
      • A staff person who also exhaust her/his PTO benefits will be allowed to go up to negative 40 hrs of vacation time to cover time off.



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