Donor Spotlight – Dr. Jeffery Jensen & Warren Conner

Dr. Jeffery Jensen (R) and his husband Warren Conner (L) live in Perry Hall with their four birds, three cats and a dog. They have been Marian House donors for seven years. Jeffery currently works as a psychiatrist at the Veterans’ Administration and Warren works as the National Director of Social Work at Absolute Care. Both interacted with Marian House women in their former roles as part of the team at Chase Brexton and knew some of our current staff in their previous roles there.

Jeffery recalls he was “impressed with everything about Marian House.” He saw through his clients’ eyes “the real commitment to women who had been abandoned by a lot of people and had given up on themselves.” Their abilities to change and grow in their time in the Marian House program made him take notice.

Jeffery started giving monthly automated gifts in the beginning of 2020. Jeffrey and Warren like the ease of this set up and not having to worry about setting aside funds from their monthly budget to make a large annual gift. While the monthly impact feels small on their wallet, they know monthly giving has a huge impact for Marian House!

Recurring donations are especially valuable to Marian House because they are a reliable source of income and have
a higher rate of retention from year-to-year. Having a committed group of loyal supporters helps bolster our annual campaign and sustain us through lean times. With the economic uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, your continuous support has never been more important. You can set up automated donations in any amount and on any schedule to fit with your budget and personal finances. Giving as little as a $25 monthly earns you a spot in the Marian House Community of Care. You can set up monthly donations through by e-check, credit or debit card. You can suspend or adjust this giving at any time.

Monthly donors can choose to receive tax acknowledgements monthly by mail or email, or they may elect to receive one
statement at the end of the tax year, cutting down on extra paperwork for you and helping us keep our administrative costs
to a minimum. Monthly donors can also participate via payroll deductions through special programs like the Maryland Charities Campaigns, United Way, etc. Please check with your company to see if they have a payroll deduction program already set up to assist you. Marian House is a designee for the United Way, The United Way Workplace Campaign (formally the Combined Charity Campaign), the Maryland Charity Campaign and several other third-party partners using our Tax ID 52-1243849. If you’re interested in exploring monthly giving, please reach out to Tobi Morris at (410) 467-4250 or