A Letter on Current Events

Dear Marian House Friend,

As we approach the midpoint of 2020, I want to take a step back and reflect upon what a year it has been, and what our experience tells us about where we are going.
Little did we know in January that the first six months would result in three devastating, world-changing crises, the intensity of any one of these is enough to shatter who we once thought we were as a society. The Covid-19 pandemic quite likely ensures that we will not return to the “normal” we once knew. It has been quickly followed by a rapid and all-encompassing recession as jobs, businesses and other institutions may be permanently lost as a result of the virus.

Then, just three weeks ago, we learned of the tragic and avoidable death of George Floyd. His death, and those of numerous others before him, stripping bare the systemic racial inequities that continue to plague our country. We now see daily ongoing activism and the coming together of a nation trying to correct the disenfranchisement that continues to occur in black and brown communities. This includes citizens returning from incarceration and others struggling to find a place in our society, and most importantly, the women and families we serve.

Our vision is clear: Marian House must continue to strengthen our society by unlocking the potential found within the women we serve, and the values which guided us through our first thirty-eight years must continue to guide us through these troubling and turbulent times. We must still value the innate dignity of each human being.

Within a culture of respect and understanding of the human condition, the values of patience, trust, honesty, and integrity direct all of our interactions and endeavors. Marian House will remain committed to equity and inclusion. We will continue to value diversity of thought and honor individual identity including race, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, and religion.

Our work is hard. Our work is important. The realities of the fast changing world in which we now find ourselves make our work harder, and even more critical. But we must do more. And we will.

Thank you for joining our commitment to the community by helping us live the core values we espouse, as we strive, with love, care, patience and persistence to do the right thing for the women we serve. Please work with us to explore how we can do more, how we can do better.

Our women and our community deserve no less than that.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support of our important work at this critical time.

Katie Allston, LCSW-C
Executive Director

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