Reflections from the Outgoing Board Chair, Don Mattran

I had the privilege and honor to serve as the Marian House Board Chair for the past two years and have been on the Board since 2015. I am proud to have served with such an outstanding group of volunteers to ensure the fulfillment of the Marian House mission.

Don Mattran, Foundry Wealth Advisors

My time as Board Chair has been fulfilling and I am proud of the progress we have made these past few years. At the beginning of my term, we launched a three-year strategic plan that focuses on three areas: The Power of Our Program, The Power of Progress and Expansion, and The Power of Building Relationships. I am pleased to say that upon completion of two years, we have done an outstanding job in moving our strategic plan goals forward.

I made a few changes while in leadership that you may not know about. I took the opportunity to introduce an informed consent agenda approach for our five board meetings each year, giving us more opportunity to engage in lively discussions around topics related to the Marian House programs and outreach. Adopting this meeting format allowed us to also spend time on Board education in topics such as effectively using social media and other helpful tools to help us be good ambassadors for Marian House.

Our board meetings are packed with content, and don’t leave much time for open conversation. To keep the Board connected and engaged between our meetings, I scheduled “Fireside Chats” on Zoom, giving Board members the opportunity to express concerns, ask questions, and to engage in informal discussions.

I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this great organization these past few years. I am honored to pass the baton over to our new Board Chair, Karen Albert. I have every confidence in her ability to lead us into the future. Although my time as Board Chair is over, I am not leaving the Board. I will continue to serve as Chair of the Finance Committee and will continue to work on Board Development. The mission of Marian House has touched my heart forever. My favorite event at Marian House is the Thanksgiving Dinner with the residents of Marian House I, where everyone in the room expresses their thanks and shares a wonderful meal.

While we could not hold the dinner in 2020 due to COVID, once this special event resumes, I will be there and will attend for the years to come! Thank you for allowing me to serve and for being a part of the Marian House family!

Don Mattran, Foundry Wealth Advisors