You Can Provide Joy the Holiday Season

This year has been challenging in so many ways and the 2020 holiday season will be quite different from those past. The holidays are, for most of us, a mixture of stress along with joy and celebration.

For the women and children that we serve at Marian House the holidays can be quite challenging, bringing on more severe depression, sadness, and painful memories of the poverty, isolation and trauma they have experienced. Marian House strives to combat this sadness by providing our women with a loving home and the support they need to get to a new year.

You have been a wonderful supporter of Marian House and for that we are truly grateful. With blessings all around us, we invite you to support Marian House at this time, when we need it the most.

Your gift will directly impact women like Tyona Patterson. Tyona Patterson came to Marian House 11 months ago from a residential recovery center. When Tyona contacted Marian House, she was told there was a waiting list and Tyona said she would wait. She waited 3 months and called every day until a space was available for her.

Tyona had been at the treatment center for 8 months on this occasion but had been in recovery multiple times in the past. She is committed to her sobriety today, “I was tired of the revolving door in and out of recovery for so many years”, stated Tyona. “I started using drugs at age 16 and had been in and out of addiction for 19 years. I’ve had enough!”

Tyona lives at our Mercy Residence where she was able to reunite with her 3 children, 14-year-old twins Labria and Labron, and her youngest daughter 9-year-old Aliah. Tyona has three bedrooms for her family and shares the kitchen and other common areas with other Mercy residents.

“It has been wonderful living in the Marian House program”, says Tyona. “I have taken advantage of every opportunity that the staff has suggested, not just because they recommended it but because I honestly believe that is what I needed if I wanted to succeed.” Tyona continued, “the children have adjusted very well, and I work to make them as comfortable as possible because I made them uncomfortable for so many years. I want to be the best mom they deserve.”

Tyona is doing so well that she is ready to move into her own house, having qualified for a re-entry program Section 8 voucher. She has been working at Flagger Force for 5 months and received a promotion to Crew Leader after just 3 months on the job. She also has access to a truck she uses to commute to and from the job. Tyona is very optimistic about the future for her and her children. “If you are patient and work hard to improve your life, good things will happen,” said Tyona.

We can fulfill our mission to provide housing and support services to homeless women and children with your donation. Your gift in any amount can make a difference. You can restore hope and provide joy this holiday season and all year long to the women and children in our care.

Thank you, and may you enjoy the holiday season.
God Bless You.

In Peace,

Katie Allston, LCSW-C Executive Director

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