Giving Spotlight – Stephanie Hay

Stephanie (Steph) Hay works as a Lab Tech in East Baltimore and lives in the Homeland neighborhood of Baltimore City. She visited Marian House for a Thank You Thursday tour in 2019 after learning about our work online through Charity Navigator.

She has been a monthly donor ever since. Steph was looking to support a women’s organization and was impressed with the level of support provided to program participants, the length and depth of the program and the focus on holistic healing. 

Steph has been a long-time and faithful donor with her church. She finds working with oncology patients through her job tremendously rewarding, but was looking for another way to contribute to those who haven’t been as lucky to have the blessings and support that helped her on her own path forward. 

She believes in monthly giving because she knows “it’s the most effective way to financially support” the good work of Marian House and the automated giving helps her to be efficient with her time and ease any worries about  forgetfulness when life gets too busy. 

Recurring donations are especially valuable to Marian House because they are a reliable source of income and have a higher giving and retention rate from year-to-year. Having a committed group of loyal supporters helps bolster our annual campaigns and sustain us through lean times. With the economic uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, this has never been more important.

You can set up automated donations in any amount and schedule based on your budget and personal finances. As little as $25 monthly earns you a spot in the Marian House Community of Care. Monthly donations can be set up through by e-check, credit or debit card. You can suspend or adjust this giving at any time. 

Monthly donors can choose to receive tax acknowledgments monthly by mail or email or elect to receive one statement at the end of the tax year, cutting down on extra paperwork. Monthly donors can also participate via payroll deductions through special programs like the Maryland Charities Campaigns, United Way, etc. Check with your company to see if they have a payroll deduction program already set up to assist you. 

If you’re interested in exploring monthly giving, please reach out to Beth at 410-467-4246 or