Counseling and Case Management

Residents of Marian House are provided intense personal rehabilitation counseling from our staff therapists. Residents meet with their counselors a minimum of once a week while in the first program phase to address the personal histories that often precede and follow the onset of drug and alcohol addiction. Many of the women served at Marian House have a history of childhood physical and sexual abuse, or otherwise traumatic childhoods. Mental health diagnoses, such as post traumatic stress disorder and depression are not uncommon.

The Marian House staff has been trained to recognize the connection between chemical addiction and victimization, namely sexual abuse in childhood, sexual assault, and/or domestic violence. Through therapy, our counselors help survivors uncover the source of their emotional distress, heal from the trauma of abuse or assault, overcome associated problems, and develop positive coping skills. Each woman sets counseling goals and creates a plan for achieving these goals. Her progress is noted weekly in individual sessions with her personal counselor and is encouraged in weekly group sessions. The clinical staff formally evaluates each resident’s progress on a monthly basis.

In addition to the therapy provided, counselors are available to provide case management assistance through referrals to programs and services that residents may need. Medical care, psychiatry and housing resources are examples of services residents may receive assistance in obtaining.